If anything is unclear, please let us know over at We're just a bunch of well meaning developers wanting to make the event and broadcast industry a better place for everyone.

Open source products

All our open source products is MIT licensed and available on GitHub for anyone to use both for free and for profit, but we're not responsible for providing support or help. All open source projects are provided as-is, without warranty or guarantee. We do on the other hand appreciate if you give back to the community instead of forking our projects off in another direction.

Software products

All our products ship with its own license agreement, documentation and getting started guides. We're available for support if something not works as expected. If you want extended support, please contant us, and we'll work something out.

Cloud services

We provide a set of premium cloud services that we strive to keep running at all times, expect minimum 99% uptime (based on the last 90 days). If something doesn't work like expected, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Website User Agreement

The user agreement and GDPR/cookie policy for this website.