Bitfocus AS

Bitfocus AS

We're a small and open source friendly Norwegian company that aims to make the everyday easier for professionals and enthusiasts in the AV and Broadcast industry.

Meet the team

  • Ole-Andreas Løvland

    Ole-Andreas Løvland

    Managing director and our daily eyes and ears in the industry. You'll probably run into him on a trade show!

  • William Viker

    William Viker

    Founder of Companion and has extensive experience with information systems as well as AV/lighting on top of that.

  • Håkon Nessjøen

    Håkon Nessjøen

    Been developing, reverse engineering and creating amazing stuff since the beginning of time.

  • Erlend Jones

    Erlend Jones

    This guy has a wide experience in show tech and television production, and he tends to make practical and pretty things.

  • Per Røine

    Per Røine

    Hands on in the industry for the last three decades. A walking encyclopedia on weird controllable devices out there


We've just launched our new website, and there's still lots of work to be done. If you have any suggestions on what's missing, or know something that would have helped you, please let us know!