Bitfocus AS

We're a small and open source friendly Norwegian company that aims to make the everyday easier for professionals and enthusiasts in the AV and Broadcast industry.

Meet the team

  • Ole-Andreas Løvland

    Ole-Andreas Løvland

    Our daily eyes and ears in the industry. You'll probably run into him at a trade show!

  • William Viker

    William Viker

    Founder of Companion and has extensive experience with information systems as well as AV/lighting on top of that.

  • Håkon Nessjøen

    Håkon Nessjøen

    Been developing, reverse engineering and creating amazing stuff since the beginning of time.

  • Erlend Jones

    Erlend Jones

    This guy has a wide experience in show tech and television production, and he tends to make practical and pretty things.

  • Per Røine

    Per Røine

    Hands on in the industry for the last three decades. A walking encyclopedia on weird controllable devices out there