Bitfocus Companion

Elgato + Companion = Awesomenewss!

What does it do?

Bitfocus Companion enables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck to be a professional shotbox surface for an increasing amount of different presentation switchers, video playback software and broadcast equipment.

You don't need an actual stream deck to use it. Companion both comes with a builtin stream deck emulator, a webpage for touch screens and the ability to trigger buttons via OSC, TCP, UDP, HTTP, WebSocket and ArtNet. It does the same job, just without the buttons.

Download latest release

Daredevils download bleeding edge builds from directly. Please avoid using developer releases in a production environment!

Key features

  • Button designer - Either with colored text or upload your own images
  • Feedback - Devices can give feedback to buttons to display state
  • Stacked actions - Run multiple actions from the same button
  • Delayed actions - Set delay time individually for each action
  • Multi device - Have multiple stream decks connected at once
  • Web admin - Configure the system from any browser in the network
  • Web buttons - Virtual web buttons for mobile/tablet/browser
  • Latching - Separate actions for key down and up, and ability to latch/toggle
  • Streamdeck Plugin - Use companion buttons in the native stream deck application

Supported control surfaces (no drivers needed)

  • Elgato Stream Deck
  • Elgato Stream Deck Mini
  • iDisplay Infinitton

Current support

  • GrandMA2 (MA Lighting) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • AMP (Grass Valley) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • ATEM (Blackmagic Design) v1.0.1 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • AV-HS50 / AV-HS410 (Panasonic) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • AV-Playback (if-else{Ware}) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • AVB (MOTU) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • App (Octopus) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Arena (Resolume) v1.0.0 by Oliver Herman
  • Countdown Timer (Irisdown) v1.0.1 by Per Røine
  • DCS 100/200 (Barco) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Delta Media Server (7thSense Design) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • EKS 500 (Analog Way) v1.0.0 by Adrian Davis
  • Encore (Barco) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • Event Master XML version (Barco) v1.0.0 by Jeffrey Davidsz
  • Event Master (Barco) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • HELO (AJA) v1.0.1 by Casey Selph
  • HIGHlite (Digital Projection) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • HTTP Requests (Generic) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • Hog 4 (High End Systems) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Horae (Sononum) v1.0.0 by Daniel Richert
  • Hyperdeck (Blackmagic Design) v1.0.0 by Per Roine
  • ImagePro (Barco) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Ki Pro Ultra (AJA) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • LW2 (Lightware) v1.0.1 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • LW3 (Lightware) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • Listener (Octopus) v1.0.0 by Jeffrey Davidsz
  • LiveCore (Analog Way) v1.0.0 by Dorian Meid
  • MRP / Multicon (Nevion) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • MagicQ (UDP) (ChamSys) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • MagicQ (ChamSys) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Media Server (Modulo) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Midra, Eikos2, Saphyr, Pulse2, SmartMatriX2, QuickMatriX, QuickVu (Analog Way) v1.0.0 by Dorian Meid
  • Millumin 2 (Anomes) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Mitti (Imimot) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Multi Transport Control (disguise) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • Multiview 4 (Blackmagic Design) v1.2.0 by Per Røine
  • OSC Control (disguise) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • OSC (Generic) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • PDS (Barco) v1.0.0 by Dorian Meid
  • PLS 300 (Analog Way) v1.0.1 by Tyler Krupa
  • PVP 3 (Renewed Vision) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Photon (VYV) v1.0.0 by Per Roine
  • PlaybackPro Plus (DT Videolabs) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • ProPresenter (Renewed Vision) v2.1.0 by Oliver Herrmann
  • Projector (Christie) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Projector (PJLink) v1.0.0 by Per Roine
  • QLab (Figure 53) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • REAPER (cockos) v1.0.0 by Oliver Herman
  • Remote Show Control (Irisdown) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Rosstalk (Ross Video) v1.2.1 by William Viker
  • SCS (Show Cue Systems) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • SS-CDR250N / SS-R250N (Tascam) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • Sender (Art-Net) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • Server (CasparCG) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • SmartView/SmartScope (Blackmagic Design) v1.0.0 by Per Roine
  • Spyder X20/X80 (Christie) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • StageTimer2 (Neodarque) v1.0.1 by Jeffrey Davidsz
  • Studio (OBS) v1.0.0 by William Viker
  • VIO 4K (Analog Way) v1.0.0 by Dorian Meid
  • VISCA (PTZoptics) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • VISCA (Sony) v1.2.1 by Per Røine
  • VLC (VideoLAN) v1.0.0 by Håkon Nessjøen
  • VP-747 (Kramer) v1.0.0 by Per Røine
  • Videohub (Blackmagic Design) v1.0.2 by William Viker
  • Watchout Production (Dataton) v1.0.0 by Dorian Meid
  • X32/M32 (Behringer/Midas) v1.0.0 by Per Roine
  • XR/MR (Behringer/Midas) v1.0.0 by Per Roine
  • iTach IP2CC (Global Cache) v1.0.0 by Casey Selph
  • iTach IP2IR (Global Cache) v1.0.0 by Casey Selph
  • iTach IP2SL (Global Cache) v1.0.0 by Casey Selph
  • vMix (StudioCoast) v1.0.0 by Per Røine

Open source

Join the party! The Companion is open source, and will always need more thinkers, testers, developers and designers.

The choice is yours!